Gladiator Inflatables Leading the way

With more than 60 items to choose from hiring a jumping castle can be a an adventure!

Why do this?

One of the key developmental milestones in young kids is balance and coordination. Hiring a jumping castle for a birthday party can help improve coordination and balance skills for all kids that jump. The reality is the first time a kid jumps on a jumping castle they will lose their balance a fall sometimes. When this happens a few times they soon learn how to maintain balance. Young kids benefit so much from jumping castles.

Imagine jumping for long periods of time. That kind of exercise certainly will get the blood flowing. The benefit is improved cardiovascular functioning. As jumping castles are designed to be safe kids end p jumping sporadically the whole day. When the kids start to sweat before the get tired this will improve lymphatic movement and stamina levels.

Time with others on the jumping castle undoubtedly promotes social interaction. This social interaction helps with mental health. Having fun with all the kids on the jumping castle promotes your child’s mental health development.

Most jumping castles that are hired are set up outside. That way it is easy to get kids playing outside and away from “screen time”. Sunshine and fresh air benefit all humans. Getting outside with the kids will also get you some much needed sunshine too


  • These are some amazing health benefits when your child’s gets to go outside.
  • Improved blood circulation.
  • Improved balance and coordination.
  • Improved mental health by socializing.

If you would like to hire a jumping castle in Roodepoort from Gladiator inflatables, click here.

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